Virginia has been a champion and strong voice for small business. She was successful in helping many small businesses throughout her term as a local elected official to overcome the challenges imposed by the bureaucracy of government.

When I served as Mayor of Riverbank, I brought business owners and community organizations together to get things done, working with the United States Army to convert an old ammunition plant into a jobs hub, helping small businesses open doors and bringing more jobs to the region. Now appointed by Governor Brown to the California Boating and Waterways Commission, I continue my advocacy for the San Joaquin Valley by helping bring resources to benefit our local communities.

Unfortunately with this Congress, unless you’re a high-powered lobbyist, your voice isn’t being heard. Important legislation such as the federal budget is hastily (and sloppily) drafted at the last minute and literally voted on in the dead of night to stifle debate. That isn't right.

Time after time our Congressman Jeff Denham has shown us that he is not our advocate, not our neighbor and not our ally, as he has become a rubber stamp putting the interest of his Republican congressional allies over the families of our district.

This must end!

Join our campaign to restore some common sense back to Washington and give the hard working families of our district a fighting chance to achieve their American Dream. This means improving and strengthening our current healthcare system and fostering a responsible economy that benefits the hard working families of our district.