Issues Section

Healthcare for All

As an infant, I suffered a life-threatening illness that left me with a lifelong pre-existing condition. I know firsthand how difficult it is to get access to care without health insurance. I was denied care because my parents did not have health insurance and were unable to pay for my hospital costs. If it weren’t for the advocacy of one doctor, I wouldn’t be alive today.

Health care is a human right. I believe our government should stand with American families and protect our access to affordable health care – not vote to take it away in the dead of night. We need to put a stop to the escalation of healthcare costs which is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy in our country. We cannot sit idle and allow insurance companies to lead the charge in our healthcare. Our doctors and medical professionals should be the ones making key decisions on our health not the for profit insurance companies who are only looking at their bottom line. I support Medicare for All as a guarantee that every American will have the ability to access affordable and quality of care from cradle to grave.

In Washington D.C., I won’t put party before the lives of people. I will bring our Valley voice to the table and advocate for policies to bring more doctors and medical centers to our rural communities. In Congress, I’ll work with all sides to create a system that covers every single person including our veterans, seniors, women and children, with quality, affordable health care that we can all be proud of.

Local Economy and Jobs

The majority of our nation’s agricultural production is harvested and picked right here by families in our district, and still, most of our families struggle to put food on their own tables. That’s unacceptable. It’s time our families have a leader in Congress who will fight to move our Valley forward. We need to diversify our local economic base and bring in meaningful employment which will also families to earn living wages and allow them to thrive.

In my hometown of Riverbank, I’ve built a strong track of record of doing just that. As Mayor, I spurred smart growth initiatives and created hundreds of new jobs in the community, including the redevelopment of the Riverbank Army Ammunition Plant.

In Congress, I will put my experience to work and find ways to strengthen our local economic landscape to bring 21st-century opportunity to the Valley. I will create more incentives for business to set up shop in our region, and invest in broadband and infrastructure improvements so we can attract and sustain entrepreneurship and small business in our community.

As a working mom and small business owner, I understand the economic challenges that women and their families face. As our next Congressional representative, I will work to lay down the building blocks to greater opportunity for everyone, that includes fighting for pay equity, affordable childcare, reproductive health care, invest in job training and expand apprenticeship opportunities, paid family leave. It’s time we build an economic foundation that stands with half of our nation’s workforce.

Safer, Stronger Schools

Growing up, I worked in the fields alongside my family. With the support of federal programs, I was able to graduate high school, attend CSU Stanislaus and become the first in my family to graduate from college. Education opened the door to opportunity in my life. As a student, I worked to pass on opportunity to the next generation through the Migrant Education Program.

I truly believe every child deserves the opportunity for a quality education. It is through an education that we can truly find freedom, opportunity and a better tomorrow. As a mother of three sons in local schools, I will continue to fight for stronger schools in our community and work to make sure our students’ safety is a top priority.

Immigration Reform

I’m a proud daughter of immigrant farmworkers. I’ve seen how drastic the effects of Trump’s inhumane immigration policies have affected our Valley—separating local families, exasperating fear and disrupting our district’s agricultural economy.

Immigration is not a partisan issue. Small business owners, farmers, working families and retirees all agree that we must create a system that benefits the safety our communities, serves our local economy, and builds a road, not a wall, to bring those out from the shadows. In Congress, I will stand up for our communities and bring people together to fix our broken immigration system.