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Once Valley Democrats and Latino voters hear about Virginia, they know that she’s the right candidate to represent them in Congress. Here’s what they should know:

Born and raised in the Central Valley, Virginia Madueño is the proud daughter of immigrant farmworkers who struggled to build a better life for their family.

But today, opportunity in our Valley is on the decline. Our families deserve better. Virginia is standing up to restore the promise of the American Dream for our families in our district. In Congress, Virginia will fight for:

  • Health Care for All.  Virginia understands the fear of losing coverage because of a preexisting condition – a childhood illness left her without insurance for years. She believes every human being deserves access to treatment and will fight to make that a reality in Washington.
  • Economic Opportunity. During her time as Mayor of Riverbank, Virginia worked with the U.S. Army to create hundreds of family-wage jobs in her local community. Now, Virginia is ready to work with Congress to spur and strengthen local business in our district. 
  • Fair Immigration Reform. Our immigration system is broken. Instead of hateful policies that tear families apart and disrupt our local economy, Virginia will stand up for compassionate solutions that puts the needs of our Valley into focus.
  • Public Education. Virginia was able to be the first in her family to graduate from college at CSU Stanislaus through the help of college grants and a federal program. As Congresswoman, Virginia will strengthen opportunities in the classroom so that every student has a shot at a successful life in our community.