Children Are Not Bargaining Chips


The lives of children shouldn’t be used as bargaining chips, but right now in Congress that is exactly what is going on.

In our district, 49% of children use the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). CHIP is a bipartisan program for working families that do not qualify for MediCal, but can’t afford family health insurance.

CHIP along with DACA is being presented as a Sophie’s Choice by the House Republicans. The votes to pass both are there, but Washington Republicans refuse to let Congress vote on their passage and so the fate of 49% of the children in our district hangs in the balance.

These families are our neighbors, friends, students, and co-workers -- whose futures now hang in the balance.

These families contribute greatly to our country and our economy. They deserve elected representatives who put people ahead of their party leaders.

Join me in calling on Congress to stop using CHIP and DACA as bargaining chips!