How do we celebrate moms?

It’s harder than ever to be a mom in America. U.S. maternal mortality is the worst in the developed world. Moms often have to work multiple jobs to put food on the table. We are the only western nation without paid family leave - so many moms have to return to work just days after just giving birth. And for the first time since the Great Depression, the American Dream seems out of reach. That’s not what a mother wants for her children.

Unfortunately, lawmakers like Rep. Jeff Denham are unwilling to acknowledge, much less solve, the issues moms face every single day. And when it comes to responsible gun reform that protects our kids, Denham even sides with the NRA rather than address mothers’ concerns. With your help, we’ll hold him accountable.

With the right leadership, we can return commonsense to the U.S. Congress. Paid family leave, responsible gun reform, and economic policies focused on sparking opportunity for working families isn’t impossible. We just need someone who can get the job done — like millions of moms across the United States do every single day.

My own mother immigrated to the U.S. because she wanted a better life for her children. And after everything this country has done for us, she taught us we’d better give back to our community. It’s why I’ve spent my life in public service by being active in our community, as mayor of Riverbank, and with your help, as the next U.S. Representative from CA10.

We need supporters to help in our office, speak to their neighbors, and make phone calls - or if you have another skill to contribute let us know.

My mom also taught me that when you do something, you better give it your all — especially when other people are counting on you. When I’m in Congress, I’ll never forget that CA10 residents come first.

Happy Mother’s Day.