Ask Jeff Denham to Co-Sponsor the Gun Violence Research Act


Politicians like Jeff Denham need to know they work for us. Not for the NRA. And it’s past time for us to demand that our politicians take action on gun safety measures.

After the Las Vegas massacre, Republicans in Congress including Jeff Denham declined to vote on banning bump stocks, a device that turns the rate of fire from 45-60 rounds per minute to 400-800. That device was responsible for 59 deaths and over 500 wounded -- many of whom will never be able to fully recover.

Washington Republicans won't stand up for universal background checks, banning bump stocks, and other common sense approaches. In fact, thanks to Congress the Centers for Disease Control can’t even research mass shootings to find evidence-based solutions to this American tragedy.

Join me in asking Jeff Denham to co-sponsor the Gun Violence Research Act. 

I’m not asking Jeff Denham to be bold. I’m not asking him to have a fraction of the courage so many of the survivors of gun violence demonstrate each and every day. I’m asking him to be a decent American and stop prohibiting the CDC from researching gun violence. Seven of his House Republican colleagues have co-sponsored this bill, he needs to join them

Tell Jeff Denham to join his House Republican colleagues and co-sponsor the Gun Violence Research Act. 

This is the very least he can do so our public health researchers can study and provide evidence-based solutions to our out of control crisis of mass shootings in our country.

Thank you for standing with me and calling on Jeff Denham to do the right thing and join his House Republican colleagues and co-sponsor the Gun Violence Research Act.