Virginia Madueño Statement on Jeff Sessions Press Conference

If the Trump Administration was serious about immigration reform they wouldn’t have sent Attorney General Jeff Sessions to Sacramento for a cheap media stunt.
We don’t need Trump and Sessions lecturing California – what we need is comprehensive immigration reform. Such bipartisan plans have been on the table for years in Washington but met with inaction. The piecemeal plans before us now won't solve the problem.
The Trump administration is playing games with DREAMers lives. This has forced California to take immigration policy into its own hands. The Central Valley's important agriculture economy needs to know they have a stable workforce, instead fruit rotting in the fields. And our immigrant communities need to know they can call law enforcement to report crimes instead of concern for making their community a target. That is what makes our economy and our communities stronger and safer.
With our ag economy and immigrant communities under attack, whose side is Jeff Denham on?